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Ole Alexander Myrholt
Diabolical Breed released “Compendium Infernus” through World Chaos Productions, Japan in 2005. Ole Alexander Myrholt played the drums.

Enslavement of Beauty was formed in January 1995 by Ole Alexander Myrholt (vocals & lyrics) and Tony Eugene Tunheim (guitars & composing).
The band spent the subsequent years composing and recording material and thereby developed their expression.
In the summer of 1998, Enslavement of Beauty recorded the demo CD "Devilry and Temptation" which gained them a deal with Head Not Found / Voices of Wonder.
This resulted in the 1999 release "Traces o' Red" which received very positive response.
In November 2000, the band headed back to the studio to record their second album, "Megalomania", accompanied by drummer Asgeir Mickelson (Borknagar/Spiral Architect etc) and bass player Hans-Åge Holmen. Musically the band still sounded very melodic and deeply inspired by classical music but with a sharper metal edge.
After a 6 year hiatus the band returned with their third album "Mere Contemplations" which was released through Norwegian independent label INRI Unlimited.
The bands last effort was the 2009 release, "The Perdition EP", which was supported by the bands first official promovideo.
The promovideo for the EP track "Lush" won best music video at the Stavanger Short Film Festival autumn 2009.
Enslavement of Beauty is now defunct but released the 1998 demo "Devilry and Temptation" digitally in February 2017 as a gesture to the fans.

Hellhaven was formed somewhere on tour when Lasse Jensen and Ole Alexander Myrholt decided to team up after doing session duties for Norwegian Power Metal band Gaia Epicus. The line up was completed with Geir Nilsen handling the bass and Kenneth Tårneby playing drums. The debut album was released in 2012 followed by some gigs.
Hellhaven changed name to The Flame Within in 2016. Work on the debut album started fall 2016 and contunues into 2017. Baard Kolstad joined on drums.

MYRHOLT rose out of the ashes of Tremor.
The two digital singles "Kysten" and "Mikrokosmos" was released in February and March and marked the beginning of yet another project.

Ole Alexander Myrholt is the moniker used for all eccentric and electronic material previously known as Loot the Louvre! or The Whipcords.
Some random singles and a couple of EP's was released digitally.

Ole Alexander Myrholt Project is a continuation of Ole's effort in Enslavement of Beauty. A spin off project one might call it.
Material is being written and the first effort will be the single "Euphoria" due for release in 2017.
OAMP will also contribute on a metal tribute to the Swedish pop group Roxette with release autumn 2017.

The Flame Within is currently working on material expected to be released in 2017.

Those Left Behind was formed by Ole Alexander Myrholt in February 2010 with the sole purpose of paying tribute to the bands of the past that participated in shaping the genre. 
The debut album, "Horror Classics - and other tributes to the Darkside" was released by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions in 2011 and confirmed the agenda, presenting regressive and severely downtuned death metal, heavily inspired by horror and gore.
Those Left Behind promises absolutely no seven stringed guitars, no triggers nor keyboards. And yeah, clicktracks are banned.
The "Residing in a Pile of Maggots" digital single was released in September 2015.
“Residing in a Pile of Maggots” was released as an audio cassette with bonus tracks in 2016.
The digital single “The Corpse Vanishes” was the first in a series of monthly digital singles preparing for the TBA release of  “Another Attempt at Mental Mutilation”.
Those Left Behind played the 10 year aniversary of Canarias Heavy Meeting in December 2016 where they premiered 4 new tracks from the upcoming cassette "The Pier Sessions" due for release in 2017. 

Tremor was formed by Ole Alexander Myrholt in 2005 as a result of several different black metal oriented constallations dating back to 1992. 
The debut album, “This is Primitive Hate – eller nihilisme som virkemiddel” was released in 2006 followed by “The Lipsynced with Satan EP” in 2008 and the conclusive digital only album “The Poe Sessions - and random pieces of Black Metal” released in 2011.
Tremor as a project is now defunct but similar sounding music is being released under the MYRHOLT moniker.