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Ole Alexander Myrholt
The complete list of official releases

Diabolical Breed:
"Compendium Infernus" CD 2004

Enslavement of Beauty:
"Traces o' Red" CD 1999
"Megalomania" CD 2001
"Mere Contemplations" CD 2007
"The Perdition EP" CD 2009
"Devilry and Temptation"Digital EP 2017

Gaia Epicus:
"Victory" CD 2007
"Damnation" CD 2008

"I Keep Searching for Something Divine" Digital single 2011
"Hellhaven" Digital album 2012

"Kysten" Digital Single 2017
"Mikrokosmos" Digital Single 2017
"Svovel/ Velsignelse" Digital Single 2017
"The Poe Sessions" Digital Album 2017
"Lagnad" Digital Single 2017
"Holands Himmelrand" Digital EP 2017
"Inn I Den Blaa Flammen" Digital Single 2017
"Down There..." Digital Single 2017
"Ved Yggdrasils Tredje Rot" Digital Single 2017
"Merkur" Digital Single 2017
"A Pagan Journey to Impiety" Digital Single 2017
"Et kors under en sirkel, en halvsirkel under et kors" Digital Single 2017
"Om Kristen Dystopi" Digital Single 2017
"Med Samme Nål, Under Samme Måne" Digital Album 2017

Ole Alexander Myrholt:
"Tanja, vil du gifte deg med meg?" Digital EP 2013
"From Sulphur to Blessings" Digital single 2013
"Same same - like a King!" Digital single 2013
"The Godspeed to Electronegativity EP" Digital EP 2013
"Nefertiti" Digital single 2016

Ole Alexander Myrholt Project:
"Stars" on the Roxette tribute album "Listen to Your Metal Heart"

Those Left Behind:
"Horror Classics - and other tributes to the darkside" CD 2011
"Residing in a Pile of Maggots" Digital single 2015
"The Corpse Vanishes" Digital single 2015
"Skullfucked with a Chainsaw Strap-on" Digital single 2015
"Tomb Service" Digital single 2015
"Salem, 1692" Digital single 2016
"Faith Moves Nothing" Digital single 2016
"Ballista" Digital single 2016
"La Maschera Del Demonio" Digital Single 2016
"Residing in a Pile of Maggots" Audio Cassette 2016
"44. Caliber" Digital Single 2016
"1985" Digital Single 2017

"This is Primitive Hate - eller nihilisme som virkemiddel" CD 2006
"The Lipsynced with Satan EP" CD 2008
"The Poe Sessions - and random pieces of Black Metal" Digital album 2011